There are a few Nuru Establishments out there, but only one has the full list of Nuru Services on offer. . 


Nuru Massage is a Japanese style Massage which is using a slippery gel when placed on the body allows the practitioners to slide and glide her body along yours to allow a more beautiful, wet like experience. We dont use the commercial Nuru Gel, instead we use our own formula. Traditionally made in Japan in the houeholds and palaces for decades. Our Nuru Gel is more slippery, beautiful, smells awesome, is not cooling on the body and completely organic.  We can use heaps of this gel on you so the slip is always slippery.  


Nuru can be offered in a few different levels: 


Bikini Nuru : As pictured. For those of you who want to try it out :                                    

Nuru Red: Nude, Body TO Body - sensual and exotic

Nuru Blue: Emcompassing Tantric positions like Yab Yum and Cobra:                          

Nuru Black: Simulating Sexual Postures and Positions with nuru: 


book today and decide on the options when you come in. 


e work Closely with Nuru Massage Australia : Main Peak Body for Nuru Massage Training in Australia. visit